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The history of greyhound betting can be traced back to the 1700s. Experts are also confident that greyhound racing was practiced in ancient Egypt, about 4,000 years ago. Although greyhound racing’s popularity has declined in recent years, you can still bet on the sport at tracks all over the globe.

In recent years, greyhound betting has seen a small boost from the advent of the internet. Bets on greyhound races can now be placed from anywhere in the world, regardless of proximity to a track. You can wager on greyhound races from the comfort of your own home thanks to online betting companies like the ones provided below. All you need is access to the internet and a computer.


Bets placed on greyhound races online provide a number of advantages versus in-person wagers at a track. One benefit of online greyhound betting is that it allows you to wager on dog races even if you don’t reside in close proximity to a physical track. When you bet on greyhounds online, you can choose from races at tracks all around the world. Betting on any major event, no matter how far away, is now accessible thanks to the widespread availability of the internet.


Online greyhound betting works the same as in-person betting. To wager on greyhound races, simply log onto a betting site, select a track, and start clicking. You may watch the races live on your computer with several online greyhound betting services.


Online Money Wagering Tracks for Greyhound Races

We have narrowed your options for betting on greyhounds online down to two excellent sites. These are our top picks because they feature greyhound races from every major track around the globe. We were startled to learn that the vast majority of online bookmakers don’t provide greyhound betting when we looked into the matter.


The following websites allow you to wager real money on greyhound races:


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Bets on greyhound races are rarely accepted at online bookmakers. Smaller bookmakers can’t justify covering greyhound races since there isn’t enough of a fan base. But both of our top choices for sports betting are reliable establishments. Those in the United States of America will be happy to know that is a legitimate business that can be visited at any time. Bet365, a trustworthy sportsbook, accepts wagers from the general public.


Both of the aforementioned websites accept real money wagers on greyhound races, so we highly recommend them. Both of the aforementioned racebooks have a solid reputation for promptly paying out winners and providing competitive odds on all races. Better yet, both racebooks hold valid business licenses from their respective governments.


The First Steps

Choosing a betting site and creating an account are all you need to do to get started with online greyhound betting. The recommended bookmakers above are our top picks. They are user-friendly, legitimate, and fast in paying out winnings.


After signing up for an online greyhound betting site of your choosing, you’ll need to fund your account with actual cash. Sign in to your account and locate the “cashier” or “deposit” option in the primary account area; this is the standard procedure across all greyhound betting sites. After that, a number of deposit options will become available to you.


All that’s left to do now is pick a greyhound track and start betting. Because the best online greyhound betting sites feature races from tracks all over the world, you can almost always find a race to wager on. Bets can be made on any number of horses, and the outcome of the race is then determined. At the finish line, you will be paid according to the outcome of your wagers.


Legality of Online Greyhound Betting

Where you live can have a big impact on whether or not internet greyhound betting is within the law. Bets placed on greyhound races through the Internet are generally tolerated in the United States. However, several exemptions for horse and greyhound betting were included in the 2006 anti-online gambling legislation passed by the US government. In the United States, bettors can choose from a number of different online racing betting platforms.


Online horse and greyhound betting is legal in the United Kingdom as well. Several of the world’s largest online bookmakers have been granted legal permission to serve customers in the United Kingdom. Online greyhound betting is generally accepted, but may be illegal in other countries. Before engaging in any form of online gambling, it is imperative that you research the relevant legal provisions in your area.


The Basics of Greyhound Betting

Bets placed on greyhound races are comparable to those placed on horse races. Bets on future races can be placed at any track or online betting site. Bettors today have many possibilities thanks to the evolution of a wide range of exotic wagers over the years.


The first step in placing a wager on a horse race online is to register with a racebook. Then, head on over to the greyhound section to check out the schedules for today’s races at various venues. After selecting a race, your wagering slip and available wagers will appear. Select the wager you wish to make, confirm it, and then wait for the results. If your wager is successful, the proceeds will be added to your betting account.


Bets on greyhound races can be as simple as picking a dog and collecting the winnings. You can also cover multiple finishers or more than one dog in various types of wagers. The following section describes how to place some of the most common greyhound bets.


Racehorse Wagers

Greyhound betting tickets may look like Greek at first, but understanding them becomes much simpler after you learn what each form of bet is called. All of these bets are very much like what you’d find at a track where horses are raced.


The simplest kind of greyhound betting is the straight bet. A straight bet entails placing a solitary wager on the success of a single canine. If your dog comes in first place, only then will you collect on your wager. The odds of winning depend on how likely it is that dog will win the race.


If you stake $1 and your dog wins, you’ll get $10 back. The odds are higher since this dog is not considered a favorite to win. You’d only win $6 if you bet $5 on a dog with payout odds of 6:5. This second dog is a safer bet, but the payoff chances are lower, thus the potential gain is smaller.


A bet on a single dog to finish first or second is called a “place” bet. Your dog’s finish in the race doesn’t matter for the payout on this wager. It has better odds of winning than a straight bet, but pays out less.


Like the place bet, but only if your dog places first, second, or third, the “show” bet pays out.


Bets on the Perfecta, Trifecta, and Superfecta all have relatively substantial payouts. Picking two greyhounds to finish first and second in consecutive races is called a perfecta. To win a trifecta, you must correctly predict the finishing order of three greyhounds. Picking four dogs is required for a superfecta.


Because of the difficulty in determining the exact order of finish, bets such as perfectas, trifectas, and superfectas are rarely won. However, the payouts for such bets are enormous. If you win only one of these bets, you’ll be overjoyed.


Pick the two dogs you think will come in first and second place in the game of Quiniela/Quinella. It makes no difference the order the two dogs finish in, but they must be in the top two places. As long as your top two choices both take the top spots.


This bet is available at tracks when more than one race is scheduled for the day. A daily double wager requires you to predict the outcomes of two separate events.


Similar to the daily double, but covering three or six events instead, are the Pick 3 and Pick 6 wagers. This is another high-stakes gamble that is difficult to win.

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