Overview of Blue Fortune Slots by Its Creator Blue Fortune is a pirate-themed adventure by Quickspin that is a reskin of a previous game called Northern Sky (2018).

A more apt term could be “misadventure,” given that the events of Blue Fortune take place in the ocean’s depths, where horrible underwater monsters, a plethora of skulls, and zombie pirates abound. Something went awry on this oceanic adventure between rallying the rabble in a Caribbean watering hole and stowing away the booty in buried chests.

Blue Fortune, like its predecessor Northern Sky, was immediately reminiscent of Thunderkick’s Esqueleto Explosivo slots. Specifically, a see-through grid of five reels adorned with skull icons, but less energetic than the Mariachi-driven kind. Behind the reels, a pirate ship sits in the weeds with what appear to be gigantic tentacles wrapped around its hull, as if the great beast dragged the vessel to its death. Although this scene is somewhat gloomy, the remainder of the game has been made in a cartoon manner to maintain a lighthearted atmosphere.

The mathematics model’s volatility score of 4.83 out of 5 is one area that needs improvement. Since Blue Fortune is only a reskin, all of the statistics, including the fairly generous RTP value of 96.57%, remain the same as they were in Northern Sky. With a win respin feature in the basic game and low-paying symbols being removed from the reels during free spins, the return to player percentage is significantly higher than average.

Purple, green, and crimson skulls make up the low-paying symbols, while the four pirates are worth the most. In sequence of decreasing importance, you will be introduced to Salty, Pegleg, Scarlet, and Roger. If you get five of his symbols in a row, you’ll win 40 times your wager. Payouts are triggered by matching symbols appearing in adjacent positions beginning with the first reel on any of the game’s 9 fixed paylines. The game’s only other tile is a scatter, which will be discussed in a moment, and there is no wild symbol.

Slot Machine Features in Blue Fortune

Blue Fortune does not have many supplementary features. Free spins can be triggered, and there is a hold respin function similar to NetEnt’s Jack Hammer. When wins occur, tentacles encircle the winning symbols and hold them in place for the duration of the game. The subsequent reels are respun. More winning symbols are fixed in place if they appear. This process of respinning will continue until either no more winning symbols appear or the entire grid is used up. Repeated payments during re-spins add up to a nice pile of coins, as opposed to a single large payout at the conclusion of the sequence.

If 3 scatter symbols appear throughout this procedure, you will receive 10 free spins. Scatters are gathered on a meter to the left of the reels and removed after respins so that space may be made for additional symbols. During free spins, the rules are the same as the main game, except that low pay symbols are deleted and only character tiles with larger payouts appear on the reels.

Slot Machine Analysis: Blue Fortune

With its “beautiful graphics and long gameplay,” Blue Fortune is marketed by Quickspin as “the perfect slot for casual players.” If this describes your taste, then you’ll enjoy Blue Fortune. It’s aesthetically pleasing, what with its smooth motions, huge, bold symbols, and dark, foreboding background. During free spins, the visuals change from the evocative sunken ship to a simple sea dotted with flotsam and jetsam, which is a bit of a letdown visually. Overall, Blue Fortune isn’t as pleasing to the eyes as Northern Lights was, but it also won’t cause any permanent damage.

The respin feature appears often, allowing for the possibility of long, consecutive winning sequences that provide a fair return on investment. It’s great to know that scoring a victory will result in a minimum of two payouts. Even when one of the higher value premiums is involved, these victories won’t be particularly impressive. However, you shouldn’t put your hopes on Roger, since he proved to be quite difficult to coax into a combination.

The rapid decline in symbol value below Roger is a problem. For example, a complete screen of regular symbols is only worth 9–18 times the wager, while smaller wins along the way would likely increase the ultimate respin payout. Since the free spins round lacks skull symbols, it simplifies the process of piecing together higher value respin combinations. If you’re looking for some respin action but want something a lot more effective than what Blue Fortune offers, you might want to try another slot machine instead, such as Rise of the Mountain King’s King Respins. Blue Fortune is not intended to be that kind of game because the maximum payout is just 3,111 times your initial bet.

It appears like, between this and the Sinbad update, Quickspin is looking back with fondness at its older releases to find possibilities for improvements. Blue Fortune is a smooth-running pirate game that should keep its intended players entertained because to its smooth conversion and innovative win-drip arrangement.

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